Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sight Word Game Boards

Here's a fun way to get your kids to practice their sight words!

We use the Fry 1st 100 Sight Words (which overlap with the Sitton Sight Words).  If you've seen my Place Value game boards, then you're familiar with how these work.     All you have to do is print a copy of the game board for 2 (or more students to share).  They will also need some sort of place marker (like a counter, colored bear manipulative, etc.), 1 die, and 1 colored marker or crayon for each player.  The player will roll the die and move that number of spaces.  He must read the sight word in the space where he lands.  The other player(s) must confirm that the player is correct.  If correct, the player may color the space.  Each colored space claims the word and gives the student a point.  The space may no longer be played again and must be skipped.  If incorrect, however, the student must return to the space they started prior to rolling the die.  The board loops around so once students make a round, they will loop around again playing only unclaimed spaces.  The game ends when all spaces have been colored.  The student with the most colored spaces wins!

There are 3 game boards in the collection.  My kids love to color directly on the sheets and keep them, but if you prefer not to make a lot of copies, print the game boards and slip them into plastic sheet protectors!  Your students can claim their spaces with dry erase markers.


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