Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skippyjon Jones Fan?

Is anyone else out there a Skippyjon Jones fan? I mean...I know I sure am! But I can pretty much guarantee you that you are not a bigger fan than my dear friend, Mrs. Jones! (Yep! She REALLY is Mrs. Jones!).

Only a true fan would do this:

Yes, that would be a giant paper mâché Skippyjon Jones head (with a hole on the bottom to fit over her head) for tomorrow night's Family Education Night at school. Gotta love her!


  1. Too cute!! My students and I LOVE Skippyjon Jones!

  2. Cool! I love Skippyjon too! I was the kittyboy for Halloween. :)

  3. I love this and would really like to create one of my own! How did you create the ears without them becoming too heavy? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jamie!
      My friend had one of those huge balloons (the kind with the string attached for punching). She blew it up and did papier mache. The ears are also papier mache.


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