Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

One of the amazing things about the New Year is that you get this feeling of a blank slate.  The chance to start fresh and doing things differently.  Correct things that need fixing, and fine tune things that were going well.

This is something I love to do with my kids for the New Year.  Like most of you, I teach my kids about New Year Resolutions.  It gives them a chance to focus on bettering themselves.

Remember how we talked about goal setting before?  I made this quick graphic organizer for you to use with your students to set a goal for 2014.  I mean, that's what a resolution is based on after all . . . isn't it?  

Click the picture below to get this freebie.  Or click here to get it from Teachers Notebook.

Have your students identify one goal they have for themselves this year.  You can chose whether you want them to focus on a classroom/school goal or if you want to do a generalized personal goal.  This goes at the top of the ladder.  Then help your students to determine 3 steps that can help them to achieve that goal.  Here's a suggestion:  start with a small, easier step to build momentum.  That one will go in the bottom box of the ladder.  Then build up as you climb the ladder to reach your goal!

Here's an example:

Happy New Year!

I pray that this year is an amazing year for you!

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