Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Measurement

In an interesting turn of events . . . 1st Grade Common Core only covers nonstandard measurement of length!  I've always taught nonstandard units, inches, and centimeters.  Now my big rules for the kiddos in measurement are:
  1. Make sure all your nonstandard units of measurement are the same in size (uniform).
  2. Start at the beginning of the object - line 'em up!
  3. Make sure all your units of measurements are touching.  No spaces in between and no gaps!
Here's a fun, seasonal activity:

Click the picture to get it from TPT.

Grab a FREE copy of this measurement page and some candy corn and Smarties from the store.  I went to Dollar Tree and found the candy and cute baggies there.  I put about 10 pieces of candy corn and a roll of Smarties in each bag.  (So it cost me only about $4 for all 23 of my students with some left over to treat students . . . or teachers!) 

This is activity is simple enough that your students can do this as a little independent practice, at centers, or even with you as a form of performance assessment!  For this activity students need to practice the rules of nonstandard measurement using 2 different units of measurement: candy corn and Smarties!  At the end of the activity students are asked whether the 2 different candies delivered the same results.  As you know one of the goals of the Common Core is to "dig deeper".  Here is where we hope the students will be able to conclude that it took more Smarties to measure each object than it did candy corns because Smarties are smaller in size. 

The student's prize for being so smart?  They get to eat their tools of measurement!  =) 

Actually . . . I'm sending the goodie bags home with the kids so they can show their parents how they use nonstandard units of measurements.  THEN they can eat them!

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