Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nonfiction Features in Text

For those of you teaching your kids about nonfiction reading and writing, here's a free mini book that can help the students remember some of the basic features of nonfiction writing.  The mini book has cut and paste examples and facts for each of the 4 basic nonfiction features: Table of Contents, Pictures and Captions, Glossary, and Index. 

I walked my 1st grade students through the different features using a Science text book first.  Then we worked together to sort through the facts and examples to cut and glue onto our pages. When all done, I took a grade on the mini book and sent them home for the students as a reference for nonfiction text features. 

(For some reason I wasn't able to upload this to TPT, but here are the links to Google "Drive" and Teachers Notebook.)

Or click here to get it from Google Drive. 

Hope you like it!

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