Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Registration Day Checklist

If you're on a similar schedule to my county that mean Registration Day is only a few weeks away!  (Can you believe that?)  I always feel sorry for the parents on registration day, filling out form after form after form.  Ugh!

At my school we have been very blessed to have had some great registrars who truly know what they are doing.  In turn they make sure we know what we are doing.  Our registrar was Teryle.  She most definitely knew what she was doing, so if you weren't so clear on what was needed and consequently did not get your parents to fill out all the forms correctly, you'd better believe she'd send you back to chase after those parents and get everything in order!

Today I said goodbye to my friend and registrar, Teryle.  Last week she went home to be with the Lord.  We are all going to miss her dearly; I know I'll miss her sassy attitude and warm, welcoming smile.  There's no one like her, and I have been so very blessed to have known her these past 10 years.

I'm posting this freebie in honor of Teryle.  It's a blank registration checklist.  There are always way too many forms to keep track of, but sometimes a little organization can keep us on track in our post-summer break haze.There are spaces for your students' names, a column to mark whether your students is a car rider, takes the bus, or walks, and a column for the student's car or bus number.  The rest of the columns are empty for you to customize according to the forms required at your school.  For those of you who work in Gwinnett County, GA click here to get your GCPS customized form with all our required forms!  May these forms help you keep track of what you're responsible for, and may they put a smile on your registrar's face.

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