Saturday, July 14, 2012

Editable Registration Day Checklist

I received a request on TPT for access to my Registration Checklist on GoogleDocs so that information could be typed directly into the form rather than handwritten.  I know exactly how the requester feels.  I'm not too fond of my handwriting most of the times and would much rather prefer the uniformity of the ten thousand different fonts I have on my computer to suit my mood.  =)  My only hesitation is that if I uploaded the file to GoogleDocs, the images I used would not be protected as I agreed to in regards to copyright.  Anyways, what I did to accommodate is upload the form without graphics.  If you want to cute-sy it up yourself, have at it!  Then you can have a theme to match your classroom!

Click here to get access to the editable Registration Checklist.  Hope it makes your registration day a little bit smoother. 

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