Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What? Whaaaaaat?!?!?

Are you for real?

I'm so honored!  I got an email yesterday telling me that I got nominated for a Fascination Award!

At first I was like, "Is this legit?"  And then I checked it out and they were actually for real.  Can you believe it?

They said it was for an article I wrote - "Facebook In the Classroom".  The email said, "The comments posted in response to your post prove that your content not only inspires your audience, but it also creates discussion around your posts, both of which are requirements for the nomination of a Fascination award."  That means this nomination comes thanks to all of you who have have chimed in and followed along.

Voting starts on May 14 and continues through May 21, 2012.  I'll post a link once it starts.  Thanks for your support!

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