Friday, May 11, 2012

Easy Mother's Day Activity!

Every year I try to plan a project ahead of time for my students to make for their moms.  I want them to give their moms something cute and meaningful . . . something that once the sentimentality wears off she won't want to throw directly in the trash because it's just become part of the clutter.  There's also the cost factor since all their Mother's Day projects come out of my not-so-deep pockets.

Well this year Mother's Day snuck up on me and I didn't order the materials I needed for the project that was pretty successful last year!  This week I scoured the web for something to do and came across this cute Mother's Day Coupon book activity.

I'm currently teaching my kids economics, so this goes perfectly with our lessons!  Each coupon for mom would demonstrate a service they can provide.  (Of course, we will have to brainstorm and make lists of service ideas they can do for mom.  A few goods may even make the list too!)  The project links to a file with premade coupons, butI decided to make a template for the coupons so that my kids can make their own.  The cover will be made out of construction paper and bound together by ribbon (although I do have my scrapbooking materials here at school, so maybe I'll use those cute little metal grommets!).

If you're in a pinch for a Mother's Day project, here's the template.  Not much prep!  Wish I had gotten this out to you earlier!

Click the preview to get the template for free.

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