Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Reading

It's summer!  While I am SO glad to be on summer vacation now, I would be even more appreciative of the break if it didn't start out with a terrible cold!  Really . . . my last day at work was Friday and the aches, sore throat, and fever comes creeping in Friday night!  What's up with that?  Well with some "Tussin" and anitbiotics in my system I hope to hit summer vacation the right way pretty soon!  Hopefully you've had (or will have) a better start than I have.

Every summer I send my kids off encouraging to read every day knowing that only a few will truly read through the summer.  Some won't pick up a book . . . at all!  Oh, how sad!  If only they would keep reading a part of some sort of routine during the summer!  Do you feel the same?

I have to confess . . .

most summers I my routine suffers from a serious reading deficit.

Sad.  I know.  I always intend to knock out several titles from to "must read" list (which is too long to even list).  But then laziness, circumstances, and the big bad tv take over and seem to push my good intentions out of the way.  Does that mean I suffer from "the summer slide" too?

Hopefully not this summer!  I'm starting off pretty well . . . with a little teacher inspiration!  I'm currently reading Ron Clark's The Essential 55. After hearing him speak last summer I'm thinking I'll probably have to revisit it at the end of the summer too, to throw myself back into the classroom hyped up and uber-positive!

Do your summers suffer from a reading deficit too?  

Hey . . . maybe if you post one book you plan to read this summer in the comment section, you'll feel more accountable to follow through!  =)

Let's see what's on YOUR summer reading list!

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