Monday, March 19, 2012

BME Burger Stories continued…

I promised to follow up my last post featuring my lesson on hamburger Beginning-Middle-End stories with some student samples. I'm so excited to show you a couple of my students' awesome work! Here they are:

Student Story 1

"I went to the mall last week and there were no American Girl dolls."

"I went to the other side [of the mall]."

"I tried another store to find it.  It wasn't there!"

"One of them had yellow hair and one of them had brown hair.  How I found my American Girl doll I wanted is I went to a third store." 

 Student Story 2

On Monday Pastor Ralf picked me up.  We went to the park with my friends."

"All the water fountains were broken."

"We walked to find more water fountains."

"We found 1 more.  It was broken too!"

"Pastor Ralf drove Charlie, Helen, Sally, Kaitlyn, and me to Wendy's so we can get ice cream and water.  After Wendy's we went back to church."


  1. I'm so glad you posted the after pictures! I really love this idea!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. I too love teaching writing. What a cute idea! My firsties would love it!


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