Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Gifts for Students

This year's Winter Gifts have been brought to you by . . . .Pinterest!  You know . . . that addictive new kingdom that sucks you in and all you now know how to do is "repin", "repin", "repin"!

I've been pinning away and then tucking ideas away for later.  Now's when I dig them out!

This year I decided to make new gifts for my kids.  I used to always make gifts for my students like decorated journals and writing notebooks.  I get these big ideas and set off to do them and then find myself up to my eyeballs in a project that I simply must finish because it's too late to turn back!  This year was . . . slightly different but slightly the same?

I made 2 things for my kids.

The Winter Pinterest Treat Bag!

Rice Crispy Treat (store bought), homemade Gingerbread Man rainbow crayon, and homemade ribbon bookmark!)

What's inside!

Each student got a fun rainbow Gingerbread Man crayon.

This is the one where you chop up the crayons and melt them in a silicone mold in the oven.  All I did was use a mini Gingerbread Man mold instead of the heart used in the Pinterest post.

Voila!  Simple!

Each student also got a ribbon book mark.

You sew a elastic hair tie to one end of the ribbon and sew a button to the other end of the ribbon.  Now it can wrap around the section of book you already read and TADA!  Page saved!  It's even drop proof!  (You know . . . when you drop your book and the bookmark falls out and you lose your page.)

As much as I complain and whine about what happens on a day to day basis, I do love my kids and am grateful for them.  So yeah, it's worth the time and effort.  (I think.)  I mean, maybe they won't realize all that went into the gifts, but I know I put my heart into it just for them.

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