Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Motivation of Winter Break

In past years I have made a packet of books and worksheets for my students to practice over Winter Break.  When I first started teaching 10 years ago there were only a couple of students who would not read/practice over break.  Over the years, however, less and less students utilized the packages I made for them and some failed to return them.  To be quite honest . . . it was a lot of work getting those packets together and sometimes even more work getting the books back from students!

This year I've decided to save myself the headache.  I will not be sending home an optional packet.  Instead I plan on sending home a list of recommended websites and suggestions for practice at home such as Parent-Child Journals (the children and parents write back and forth within the same notebook), personal journals, letter writing, grocery lists, etc.  I also plan on encouraging my students to read the books they have at home and to visit their local library. 

For those students who do this and can produce evidence, I will reward them with a special treat (popsicle or something to that effect).  I'm including this bookmark freebie for any of you who would like to do the same.  The boomark has space for the child to record 5 books they have read and get their mom, dad, or caretaker to sign off on the bookmark confirming that these books were indeed read.  Click the link below to get the bookmarks!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just so you know, I accidentally uploaded the file that had "Preview" across it when I originally posted the bookmarks. If you downloaded it before 3:00 today (12/15/11) then the corrected version is now available without the watermark stamp on it. So sorry about that!

  3. Hello!! I just found your blog! I love this and will save it for next year! Thank you!


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