Monday, August 22, 2011

Teacher Quirk #2

I don't think I ever continued my list of "Teacher Quirks" . . . .which is strange because I've got way too many!  Here's Teacher Quirk #2:

I get waaaaay too excited about my paper cutter.  I think it may be my favorite tool.  You'd think as a teacher I'd be able to cut nice straight lines, but I can't.  They always go crooked somehow no matter how hard I try.  Combine that with the fact that I'm really ocd when it comes to my materials being neat and presentable?  Then you'll realize how very much I am dependent upon my paper cutter.  I can't quite get the same cuts from the chopping arm cutter at school . . . I like my sliding razor one.

Isn't she beautiful?!!?  Ha!

My complaint about my paper cutter?  I have only one.  I need one for home and one to stay in my classroom!

What are your teacher quirks?


  1. I'm addicted to my paper cutter too!! And the automatic three-hole-punch (it still boggles my mind how much paperwork there is to do in special education!!) :)

  2. Girrrll,
    You are preaching to the choir about that paper cutter. I can't stop morbid Texas Chainsaw Massacre visions from popping into my head when I have to use the chopper at school. I LOVE my slider cutter. I still have the one I bought from my very first year of teaching and I can't believe it has lasted so long. Just replaced the mats and the blade and it's like new! It is definitely worth it to have one for home and school. I got tired of toting mine back and forth!

  3. YEA! I am not alone! It's somehow comforting to know that other people have the same strange affinity for their paper cutters. Maybe we need a support group. Or wait. Is that what the blogs are for?


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