Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tip - Handy Hangers

I picked up this neat repurposing tip at a staff development several years ago.  (This was not the point of the inservice, but this is one of the cool things I walked away with.  Go figure!)

I don't know about you, but I've never had a chart paper rack/easel in my classroom.  I've always wanted one, but they're just so expensive!  Sometimes I tack my chart paper up to my bulletin board and write on it there, but then I have to take out the tacks and move the papers quite frequently.  Same deal when I use magnets to stick it to my whiteboard.  The solution for this?

Cheap Pants Hangers!!!!

I got these from IKEA.

They are the Bumerang Pants hangers that go for $.99 each.  You can get them many other places, but these work great.  They're easy to open and close and grab the chart paper really well.  I just swivel the hook so that it grabs ahold of the top of the bulletin board or whiteboard.  If I need to move it, I just pick it up . . . no fumbling with tacks or magnets.  Plus, you can just stack your papers up on top of one another for the next lesson.

I had several of these around the room and could hang them anywhere.  I moved them into centers for my students to use for reference as well.

Our instructors for the staff development used these to hold her anchor papers.  Students could go back and flip through the old charts on their own!  Easy Peasy!

Ok, now go raid your closet and take some of your pants hangers to your classroom.

(That totally reminds me of this funny picture I saw on Pinterest.)


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