Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tips - Rubrics

Some people cringe when they hear the word "rubric". I have to admit, however, that I rather like rubrics! (Does that make me weird?)

Why do I like rubrics so much?
1-  They let the students know what is expected. 
2-  They let the parents know what I expected and how I graded. 
3-  I have a standard across the board for my students to meet. 

Reason number 3 is huge for me.  It assures me that I've been objective in my grading (and also communicates that to the parents (reason #2). 

I used a rubric religiously when grading writing which can be such a subjective area. I really want to be fair and communicate well with my students and parents, and rubrics help me to do so. 

Admittedly I spent a lot of time making the writing rubrics, but once made I just printed them off, used them to grade, and stapled them to the work graded. I also made many simple rubrics for other projects and assignments and saved them for future uses as well. 

I know not everyone's as into rubrics as I am and most teachers don't really want to spend time creating them, but here's a solution for you…


Rubistar is a free websie that has ready made rubrics and also enables you to create your own rubrics using their templates. They've got templates for many different subjects, projects, uses, etc.

Here's the website:

Take some time to explore the website and it's functions. You might find something you can use now or something to tuck away for future use.   Hope it helps!  (Also hope it helps convert you to my Rubric fan club!)

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