Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Tip - Give Thanks

We should never be too busy to give thanks. Ever. 

Believe me, I know how busy life can get. The "To Do" list never ends. In fact there are seasons when that list seems like it's multiplying out of control!  But no matter what we need to somehow take a few seconds or minutes to recognize ways we have been blessed and give thanks. 

I wonder if anyone can relate-
I recall numerous occasions when my colleagues and I felt like the list of demands as a teacher had piled up and felt overwhelming. In times like these I sometimes heard grumblings about how we would really appreciate a thank you or recognition for a job well done. There are other times when a thank you has come unexpectedly, and it literally felt like stress had melted off my shoulders and some of my stresses and worries disappear (even if just temporarily). I felt better about myself. Wouldn't it be nice to make someone else feel that way?

Sometimes giving thanks means taking a quick moment to smile and say thank you to a person for whatever deed has blessed you (whether in person, over the phone, or in an email). Other times you might set aside some time to do a more elaborate thank you…like a thank you gift. 

Here's what I like to do:  I keep a stack of blank cards or small thank you cards on hand. I ALWAYS have some in stock in my bottom drawer. Ok . . . no joke, I even keep a small pack in my purse. Your note doesn't have to be long or elaborate. It could literally take seconds. (If I use "literally" one more time I might turn into a Kardashian sister.)

There are tons of cute cards like these out there for really cheap. 

I love to pick up a pack in the dollar section at Michaels or Target. You can find them in the drug store or for really cheap at stores like Big Lots and Dollar Tree.

Remember, thank yous aren't just for gifts you've received. Send a card to students, parents, friends, coworkers, administration, the custodians…anyone for kind words, good effort/attitude, or when someone has inspired or motivated you. Shoot…I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes people pop into my head and I will go searching for a reason to send a card. 

Bottom line - give thanks during Thanksgiving, but don't reserve it just for this time of year. Make an effort to give thanks and show thanks year round. For others' sake and your sake too. 

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