Friday, July 12, 2013

Back to School Prep Pack!

Well . . . it's finally done!

I've created a Back to School Prep pack that I hope you'll love!

One thing I think sets this pack apart is that it is geared towards the student AND the teacher.  Really, it's designed to make the teacher's life a little easier during those crazy and hectic preplanning days and 1st week of school.  

Usually my products are geared mainly towards the 1st grade level, but some of the student activities I've created this time are actually better suited for mid-upper elementary grade levels.  

I've got some great checklists designed to keep teachers organized (and a little more sane) with some special little features like my PrePlanning checklist below.  

Ok, seriously.  How can something so little like checking off an item on a list be so completely satisfying?

Then I've got many student activities to warm up your students those first few days of school that can also afford you some time to take care of all those little tasks that have to be done while the students are in the room.  You know, those tasks like getting supplies organized and put away, making sure everyone knows how they're getting home, collecting documents, etc.  All those things that you have to do while you settle the kids and teach as if you were 3 people in 1!

These activities include a fun flip book, crossword, word search, graphic organizers, Mad Libs, community building activities, and Writing Sample pages and prompts!  These 30 pages should help take some of the pressure off of you and help start the year off right!

Visit my TPT or Teachers Notebook stores to get your Prep Pack today!

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