Friday, June 21, 2013

Common Core Reading Response Bookmarks

Miss me?  I know, I know.  I've been gone a long time.  I've got tons of excuses which I'm sure that most of you have faced as well like deadlines, end of the year, assessments, etc.  I've got one more major excuse though . . . pregnancy!  Yep . . . I'm in that home stretch now before our little boy arrives, so I'm really trying to get things up and running again before things get really hectic!

I've had tons of ideas of things I've wanted to make and post to share with y'all, but I've had little time (or energy) to get them made!  I pushed myself to get back on track, so I started with this one which I'm really excited about!

One thing I worked hard on this past year with my 1st graders was sustained independent reading and reading responses.  Our school has really been pushing us in this direction, but some of the problems I ran into with my little ones is that they can be easily distracted, need additional guidance on completing responses (while I am with my guided reading groups), and they can become overwhelmed by lengthy assignments.  

I created these bookmarks in response to some of these challenges I faced with my students.  I designed these bookmarks because . . . .
1-  Making it into a bookmark is a little gimmick I can use to get my kids to buy into the assignment.  Cheap trick?  I'll leave that verdict up to you, but I found that the way you present tasks to students (visually and the emotion/energy you put introducing it) can make a world of difference!  Plus, I'm not sure about how your kids feel about bookmarks, but when my kids go to the media center there are often scraps of paper or dye cuts left in a basket as bookmarks for the students.  They go ballistic over them!  Seriously.
2-  Bookmark format means you only have enough space to focus on one standard.  It's a small focused assignment that won't seem too daunting.
3-  Didn't have time to finish?  Tuck it in your book!  That way you won't loose your place in the book AND you won't loose your assignment!

There are 2 bookmarks to a page.  Cut the page in half.
Then fold each half to create the double sided bookmark.

I based them off the 1st grade CCSS, but they can be used for other grade levels as well. 

I hope you enjoy them! 

Click here to get it from TPT or here  to get it from Teachers Notebook.

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