Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Online Books!

I totally have to thank my friend, Eve, for this find. We always compare apps that we've downloaded for our little girls on our iPads, so when she sent me the info for this one I had to immediately download!

The app is called MeeGenius, but its more than just for an iPad! It can be used on the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Google TV, or any computer with Internet access! As a regular member you get a handful of books for free that give you the "Read it to Me" or "Read it to myself" option but as an educator, young get something like 70 free titles! There are some really great classics like fairy tales and other fun stories on there all with narration and great illustrations. I'm not sure what your populations like at school, but I am always shocked when I talk with my class about text-to-text connection regarding classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Usually 50-80% of my class responds that they've never heard the stories before! That makes MeeGenius a great, at-hand resource for me to help them build that background knowledge. I quickly pull it up on my projector and we read the story!

Another way you could use MeeGenius is if you have a classroom computer of tablet for your kids to use. If I had one of these available during centers, I would have it as a listening/reading center. If choosing the "read to me" option, the words are highlighted as they are read. It's also great for ESL students and students who might need remediation. So many possibilities here!

Here's how to get your free account-
Go to
If you come to the welcome screen with the iPad on a desktop picture, look in the top right corner. It says "Check out our school accounts" right above then"Start Reading" button. Click the school account link and sign up using your school email and info. Once approved, you'll get an email confirming and you're set!

(If for some reason you don't get this welcome page, scroll all the way to the bottom of any of the other pages on the website and you should see the option on the bottom menu that says "Work with us"…"Schools and Libraries". Click that and it will take you to the signup page.

Hope you enjoy it, my kids and my daughter love it!

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