Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway Revisited

Remember my big giveaway when I finished my "It's Owl Time" unit last summer?  I still get comments from people who have participated even though the giveaway has expired, but when someone puts in the effort to support you of course you still give them the game, right!??!  Well for those of you who never got it, I posted it on Classroom Freebies

Click here to get it.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random find

Well I've been MIA for a while! I've been out of town (well, out of the country) on a missions trip to Nicaragua. I had the opportunity to help in the school the missions organization started in a very poor area. What an experience! More to come on that later.

For now I just wanted to share my quick and random find!

I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack and found these awesome headphone splitters for $8.97! It splits 3 ways which is perfect for my listening center! The splitter I use from school may split 6 ways but I never put that many kids in that center. I'm pretty tired of the school splitter and headphones because the get waaaaay tangled and always fall apart. The main reason, however, that i am annoyed with the school equipment is because the kids forget to check both the volume on the splitter AND on the headphones, so they always interrupt my reading groups because the think the listening center is not working! I hope that this and a few super cheap headphones will solve my problem. Thanks, Nordstrom Rack, for replacing my old running shoes and possibly providing me with a solution to Listening Center pet peeves!

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