Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get Your Writing On!

Oh my goodness!  Can you say "busy"?  Of course you can . . . you've been in the same back to school boat, haven't you?  I am SO exhausted with back to school, deadlines, new curriculum, AND new software.  All this to explain why I've been MIA (again).

I've had ideas of things I want to make and do but haven't been able to get to them, so I'm glad to say that my 1st time back in a month brings you something good!  =)

I've just created a Writing Prompts package that includes 50 creative and challenging writing prompts for your students.  I use these in Writing Center during Guided Reading.  I generally let my students choose their on topics during Writing Workshop but then give them prompts during centers (giving them practice at both self-chosen writing and writing to a topic).

If you remember my Math Journal Prompts that came out last year, these work the same way.  You just print out enough of the writing prompts for each of your students, and the students cut out a prompt to put in their journals.  (Saves you paper that way.)

Here's a free sample from the pack . . .

Click the preview above to get your freebie!

Click the preview below to get your copy of my 50 Writing Prompts to Get Them Thinking!

*Click here to get it from Teachers Notebook.
Oh . . . and if you missed the Math Writing Prompts to last you through the 1st grade year, you can get them here.

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