Saturday, February 25, 2012

Main Idea Anytime!

Some of you may be familiar with the Main Idea Mix Up literacy centers I made for Valentine's Day and Presidents Day.  If you liked them, you may be interested in this new literacy center I've been working on.  I've created a set of 4 Main Idea ix Ups that are not specific to any holidays.  The 4 sets include:
  1. Penguins
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Monsters
  4. Forest Friends
Just like the holiday mix ups, these graphic organizer boards and detail cards can be differentiated for different grade levels and levels of learners.  Once the main ideas and details have been matched up on their graphic organizer boards, students will use the information to write a narrative or informational piece.  They can be differentiated by changing assignment expectations.   Early learners can start with basic information found in the cards.  Higher level learners can add research to informational pieces or text-to-self connections to narrative pieces.

Click the preview below to get your copy.


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