Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Synonym" Toast Crunch!

Oooh!  It's been a minute since I've posted a new product!  Sorry!

Here's a freebie for you.  We're about to start synonyms so here's a fun game I made a couple of years ago.  Really . . . if you put anything into a game format, the kids go crazy over it!

This game is called "Synonym Toast Crunch".  It's played similar to war.  Each player get's an equal share of "toast" cards face down.  They will also have a stack of "Crunch!" cards next to them ready to use.  On the count of 3 they throw it down between them.  If the two cards make a synonym pair, the 1st student to slap a "Crunch! card on top of the words and yell out "Crunch!" gets to keep the pair. After the 1st round of cards, students will reshuffle the unpaired cards and redistribute them to continue the game.  This continues until all words have been paired up.  The student with the most pairs of synonyms at the end wins!  You may now crown the winner . . . "Captain Crunch!"  HAHA!
(I know . . . I've been labeled corny and cheesy way too much to deny it.)

Hope you enjoy!

(Or click here to get it from Teacher's Notebook.)


  1. How adorable! What a clever name! My kids will go NUTS for this! Thanks for sharing

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Love the name of the unit! Just found your blog and am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at


  3. cute idea! What a wonderful site! I am so glad I found it! I am your newest follower! Come see me too!
    ­ Kindergarten Lifestyle

  4. SO inspired by this engaging game (with the CUTEST.NAME.EVER!) that I gathered my family together to help me make a spinoff . . . gave you a shout out in my post today here:

    The Corner On Character

    Thanks SO much!


  5. Oh, man, my link sent you to our collaborative . . . sorry - try this instead to find our springboard from your idea:

    The Corner On Character


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