Saturday, December 31, 2011

Try Something New in 2012

I know, I know . . .  I've been MIA for a while now.  (Literally and figuratively!  In Miami AND away from the blog!)  I'm back now and am really excited to share a great opportunity with you!

A few months ago I made a couple of posts encouraging everyone to take a risk and apply for a grant.  Until last year I had never put forth the effort to apply for any grant of any kind simply out of fear - fear of what kind of work it would take to apply, fear of inadequately wording my application, fear of wasting my time . . . fear of quite a bit!  To my pleasant surprise I was awarded money for each of the 3 grants I applied for!

Recently someone brought a new grant sponsored by the Worth Ave. Group to my attention and encouraged me to take a look at it.  Now I'm encouraging all of you to do the same because this grant isn't like most other grants I've taken a look at.  It's more like a "Best Teacher in America" nomination contest, so instead of writing a grant and explaining in detail how you will use the money and what effects the awarded money will have you will be nominating a worthy teacher to receive recognition AND some pretty sweet prizes!

Interested now?

Let's get straight to it.  The first thing anyone would want to know is what's at stake here?  What do you win?

Well the winning teacher (determined by the greatest total votes) will win an iPad 2 (16GB) and 30 iPod touch (8GB) units for the classroom.  The winning teacher's school also gets a prize . . . $25,000 for technology use in the school!  There are other prizes for the runner up, but there are also iPad2 prizes for people who vote!  Seriously . . . click here to see what you or the nominated teacher could win.  Click here for the official terms of the giveaway.

(Ooooh how I would LOVE to win that prize!)

Parents, teachers and students over the age of 13 can vote/nominate. 
All you do is go to and fill out a quick entry form that just took me literally less than a minute to fill out.  (I knew immediately who I wanted to nominate and I bet you already had an outstanding teacher's name pop up in your head as soon as you realized what this is all about!)  You can go back and vote daily and encourage others to join you. The contest started on December 1st and continues through March 31 (2012), so there's still plenty of time to get those votes in.

Can you imagine what a blessing it would be to the teacher who got nominated . . . and won?!?!

So c'mon!  What have you got to lose?  1 minute each day?  Get the word out to your school and community.  Nominate a teacher and keep voting. 

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