Sunday, October 16, 2011

Place Value Quickie

Gonna make this one super quick!

Here's a quick Place Value game.  All you need to do is print a game board, 1 die, and a crayon for each player.  (Oh . . . and some sort of game piece.  I often use those little counting bears since I always have some lying around!)  Roll the die and move your game piece.  Look at the tens and ones pictured and say the number it represents.  If correct, color the space to claim it!  Keep playing around the looped game board until all spaces have been colored.  (Do not count or play colored spaces after you loop back around.)  The player who has the most spaces colored at the end wins!

Need to differentiate?  Require students to give the expanded form ("4 tens + 8 ones equals 40 + 8.  That makes 48!") or have them write the expanded from on the whiteboard!

Click on the preview picture to snag this quick and easy game!


  1. Thanks Deb! i just revised it and added a 3rd gameboard for students who need more challenge. It includes hundreds. =)

  2. FYI . . . my kids started this during centers today, but some didn't get to finish. Since the board circles around, I told them they could finish the game another day if they finish their other work early. They were so excited about this!


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