Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Wishes "Grant"ed!

My newest shipment came in!  The last of my 3 grant orders came in!!!  The 3rd grant I wrote last year was through my PTA.  I asked for funds to increase not just the quantity of books in my classroom library, but more importantly the quality of the books in my classroom library.

When I started teaching 10 years ago I gathered whatever hand-me-down books I could get for my classroom library.  Over the years I added to the collection through donations, scavenging, and of course . . . books bought with my own personal funds.  Still, I wished I had more books.  I tend to reserve my best books on my "teacher" bookshelf because when I've put my best books out for student use they end up utterly destroyed!  (Feedback question at the end of this post!  Please give feedback!)

The pictures previously posted showed the goodies I got for my grade level to increase our technology resources as well as centers and teacher resources.  The technology grant had totaled $231.  The grant for other grade level resources equaled $305.  And now . . . the pictures of all my goodies from my last grant for the classroom library! 

Here's what $156 of PTA Grant money got our library:
PTA Classroom Library Grant Loot!

We LOVE Skippyjon Jones!!!!
Kevin Henkes and David Shannon Packs

6 Books on CD

Diary Pack and Monster Pack

The sideways version of the rest of the loot!
In all I have spent $692 of grant money!  I'm still amazed.  Lesson learned - don't be afraid to apply for that grant!

Thank you Duluth, PTA, and Scholastic!!!


  1. Great books! Isn't the PTA awesome?! They do so much for so many schools!

  2. It looks like you made some great choices! I'm sure your students will love them!


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