Monday, August 29, 2011

Teacher Quirk #3

Stacks and stacks of piles and piles . . .

You know what I'm talking about AND you know that you do it too!

The day is too busy to put things away in the right place right away. Then the end of the day is too buys to put things away in the right place (especially when you really want to go home).  So you start a stack.

You promise yourself that you're going to clean up, but who has the time?!?!  So you turn the next set of papers 90 degrees and stack it on top of that one. 

This happens over and over until you start a new stack.

Soon . . . you have stacks of papers all over your desk (or room)!

The best part of this visual chaos, though, is that you know exactly (or generally) where everything is if you need it!

Admit it . . . you do it too!!!!

(OC Blog and my dear 3rd Grade Gridiron . . . I'd love to be organized like you! =)   I'll get there one day!  One day . . . )

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