Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Share!

So due to the rearrangement of classrooms this year all the other 1st grade classes have been moved waaaaay down on the other end of the hall from my classroom.  While it's an inconvenience and sort of secludes my classroom, I'm determined to make this a good thing!  So my classroom theme this year is "Mrs. Wilcox's Wildcat Island . . . Where Learning is an Adventure!" 

In an earlier post I mentioned that we are no longer allowed to cover our bulletin boards with fabric or paper due to the fire codes.  I eventually decided to paint the bulletin board using some of the leftover paint from my laundry room (very pale blue).  Here are a couple of pictures of my work in progress!

Part of my bulletin board (calendar and job tree)

This is my job tree.  Each palm leaf is a job.  I'm going to hot glue little birds with the student name on it to a clip so students can choose the job they'd like for the week.
Around the island with the job tree I'm going to have dye cut sailboats for student compliments.  Each student gets a sailboat.  Students will receive a sticker for each compliment they earn. When they reach 10 compliments they can take their sailboats down to go to the treasure box.  Then they'll start over with a new sailboat!  (I used to do this as a compliment tree using leaves for each student, but I changed it to go with my new classroom theme.)


  1. What a cute theme! I can't believe you can't use paper or fabric on your boards.... I love how the paint turned out though :)

  2. Yeah. I just found out that if you do use paper or fabric that the paper or fabric has to be fire retardant and you have to post the tag that says so in the corner of your bulletin board. Oh well! I love my new bulletin board anyways. =)


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