Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Find!

As you know, my classroom theme this year is an island theme. 
Well, I ran to pick up some last minute items at Walmart today and wanted to get some beach towels so my kids could roll them out for independent or buddy reading time instead of a rug.  (Then I'll teach them how to roll them back up to store them in a tub.)  Well while I was there I found that their beach towels are now on clearance for $3.50!  And near the beach towels were beach chairs similar to this one

that recline fully and fold flat.  Guess how much?!?!  $5!  I didn't buy any, though.  1-Tight budget.  2-I tend to wear dresses and skirts a lot so this probably wouldn't be the best for me, but if you can swing it it's a great deal!!!  It would have fit great with my theme and wouldn't have blocked any of my new bulletin board either!


  1. Beach themes are fun. I did a chair like that but it was a smaller version for the kids. It was for the star of the day, good listener, etc. the kids loved it. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am doing a beach/ocean theme and planned on using my beach chair, which is similar to that one. The kids sit on the floor a lot during morning meeting and other activiites and I like being at their level, but my back can't handle sitting on the floor. I thought it was the perfect solution!
    Miss B, Busy Bee


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