Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Flash Cards!

Check out my new product on TpT!  These French Fry Addition and Subtraction Facts provide a fun way for students to practice their addition and subtraction facts!  These french fries serve as self-checking flash cards when pulled out of the french fry sleeve.  First students will answer the addition and subtraction facts.  (This week my class will be concentrating on composing and decomposing numbers to 10 in Math.)  When done they'll need to cut out the french fries and assemble the french fry sleeve (just cut, fold, and glue).  French fries are slipped answer side down into the sleeve so that answers are hidden until the fries are pulled out!

I'm going to put this in a center next week.  When the project is done they'll have fun flash cards to take home to practice!  The better they know their addition and subtraction facts, the easier other Math skills will come if they don't have to concentrate on those basics!  Students can always challenge each other with these French Fry Facts!  I do these every year and my kids always love it!

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