Friday, July 15, 2011

ABC Order Center

You know how our little 1st graders have lots of energy?  Sometimes they just can't help it.  They find themselves walking around the room (or find reasons to get up and walk around the room).  So why not let them?

This Literacy Center allows them to roam around the room in search of hidden owls.  In this ABC Order center you will hide 10 owls around the room (posting them on walls, bulletins, furniture, etc.).  Each owl has a word on it.  Once the student finds all 10 owls, recording them on their papers the students will put the words in ABC order!

I have included 5 different sets of words that can be used one at a time, increasing the difficulty the next time the center is used (alphabetizing to the 2nd and 3rd letter).  The 5 sets can also be used as a differentiated center, posting different sets of owls (color coded by group) as a differentiated center.  In this version you'd only assign one colored set to students of one level while assigning a different harder/easier set to another set of students of a different level!

Click on the preview below to snag this center on my TpT!

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