Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word Morphing Monsters

Here's a fun take on some word study. . .

In our county we have an AKS (Academic Knowledge and Skills) that focuses on adding/deleting/substituting sounds.  With Word Morphing Monsters the monsters are wreaking havoc on our words!  They are changing letters and transforming our words into new words.  In my new Literacy Center your students will have fun tracing the steps of these mischievous monsters as they morph your words letter by letter.

This is actually putting a cute spin on word ladders.  I usually use this at a center on my metal storage cabinet.  I have my students use the magnetic letters to build the starting word.  Then they change letters as the clues indicate.  With each step students pause to record the new word created when a letter is changed.  If you don't have a magnetic letter station or prefer to do it differently, you can use letter blocks or the alphabet block cards I have included in the packet.

If you prefer to use unifix cubes, my friend over at The Lesson Plan Diva has actually done something very similar using unifix cubes!  Check hers out too!

Click on the preview below to pick up this center on my TpT.

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  1. I love using word ladders, and I think it's so cute to see the kids get excited about how easily they can make new words. This is very cute!


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