Friday, June 24, 2011

Can YOU help me?

I'm searching for bulletin board ideas to sustain me through the next year.  Can you help?

For the past 9 years I've had colorful fabric as the background on my bulletin board in my classroom.  It doesn't fade nor does it get full of holes from the push pins!  Here's my problem:  the fire marshall has cracked down on us.  Because our building is older and does not have a sprinkler system we are only allowed to cover 20% of our wall.  That means that if we cover our bulletin boards with cloth or butcher paper background, we are already over our 20% coverage limit!!!  That makes for a very drab classroom.  =(

I know there are a lot of creative minds out there, so do you have any ideas for me?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. We have the same problem here in Omaha...except we do have sprinklers, curious. Anyway, unfortunately I have to buy fadeless AND FLAMELESS bulletin board paper from the local teacher supply store because I have to have COLOR!! :D In the corner we have to staple the little label that is on the roll (on the plastic) so the fire marshall can see it's "flameless", but on one edge of it (which is always covered by border) it does say it too. And then I keep those little labels each year, and sometimes I just might put those on the corners of reg. fadeless paper (wink, wink)! LOL So, I cover more than 20% of each wall since I use flameless, NOT 75% of the wall, by any means, but I do a little more than 20%. But, we also can't have lamps, any "soft" furniture we have has to have certain tags on it that says something about some law...I don't know, it's ridiculous really cause the copy room (with all that paper) and the library would definitely go up in flames, right?? LOL GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Wow! Well I sure am glad that we're not the only ones who have these strict fire regulations although it stinks that anyone else has these restrictions.

    I had no idea there was "flameless" paper! I'll have to look for that because the thought of a dull brown bulletin board is such a downer!

    I agree with you that even though it's for safety, it's pretty ridiculous. I joke about the fact that currently there isn't really a cap on the number of students we have in our classrooms but we can't have too much on our walls!

  3. We have the same restrictions, which drives me crazy. One thing I did was to paint my walls a pretty sky blue: That way, I still have color! My principal was fine with it, as long as it wsa my money and my time - my hubby helped me and wa la! Color! I'm going to search for that paper, though - if we can use it, I'll be thrilled. :)
    First Class With Mrs. Mac

  4. I know in GCPS, you're pretty restricted when it comes to painting the walls... BUT you CAN paint your bulletin board. We tried a couple of often-changed bulletin boards in our media center at the beginning of last year and it worked really well. They still look freshly painted! Over the summer, our principal agreed to have all bulletin boards painted provided it was one of two school colors. Those who want a different color are on their own. Try it! Beats dealing with all that rolled paper AND gets around the ridiculous fire marshall laws. (I guess all those textbooks are "flameless" paper too. LOL)

  5. @CThingsClearly - Thanks! I may just have to do that then. I NEED color! Well . . . you know . . . color other than the cinder block gray. =)


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