Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Part of Summer

Summer vacation has always been something to look forward to.  Like most of you I've had summer vacation since I was 5 years old.  Even after graduating grade school there was Summer Break during college (even if you decided to take summer courses, there was still Summer Break)!  As a teacher Summer Break has not gone away!

Last week I spent 3 extra days after the actual start of our break to finish up at school to purge, clean, and pack my classroom.  I felt it was essential since I missed the 1st month of school with maternity leave and put the contents of my classroom in the hands of my wonderful sub.  As you know, however, no matter how wonderful the sub she is still not going to do things exactly the way you would have done.  So at the beginning of the year this also means putting things in the right places.  I just found some things last week that I was unable to find all year long!  Now that that's done . . . it is officially Summer!

This year, Summer Break has taken on a whole new meaning.  For the 1st time Summer Break means I get to be a stay at home mom.  For those of you who are mothers you know just how precious this gift is.  I am literally tearing up today on my 1st official day at home with my 10 month old, Analise.  It astounds me to see how much she changes every single day and proves to me just how very blessed I am.  I wish you could see her crawling around, laughing, giggling, smiling, and babbling away!  She's showing off her new words and her newfound monster voice!  =)

Who can resist this cutie pie?!?!

Other than hugging, kissing, playing with and feeding my lovebug . . . I'll be working on her baby book and goodies that I can post here and on my TpT site!

So here's something new:  Time Dominoes!

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