Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Room Mom Gifts

The end of the year is always such a blur.  Ten million things to do and they all creep up on you with what seems like the same deadline!  The next thing you know it's time for the end of the year class party, and you forgot to get a gift for your room mom (if you were lucky enough to have one).  Sometimes I get to know what my room mom likes and other times my room mom ends up being a complete mystery to me!  Here's what I came up with this year:
I found this cute little straw beach tote in the Target $2.50 section.  Then I filled it with goodies like a cute little ceramic mug with a rubber to-go coffee cup cover, special chocolate (Ritter Sport Strawberry Cream milk chocolate bar), cute note pad, and cute pen set.  You can customize the contents if you know what your room mom likes.   Then I fluffed up some tissue paper for presentation and attached a little note that reads:

I'm "tote"-ally grateful!
Thanks for being our room mom this year!

If you're pressed for time and want to use it, you can get the note and fill in your name below.

Oh yeah!  And for the kids . . . I used to make personalized gifts like personalized mini whiteboards and personalized journals, but I've got a whole lot less time to do that with my 10 month old beauty!  So this time around . . . just a little goodie bag to send them off for the summer.  For their notes I put a little message on a summer coloring sheet so they could color the note too.  =)


  1. This is absolutely precious! You're always so thoughtful and creative! :) Gotta love that Target find as well!


  2. I love these!! They are both very cute ideas!!!


  3. I just found your blog- love it! Very cute ideas!
    Teaching Happily Ever After

  4. Such a cute blog!! Great idea!! I was wondering what your room mom is in charge of? I am a new teacher and trying to think of some ideas!! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Ash and Miss J!

    Miss J - At our school the general responsibilities of a room mom are to plan, organize and throw the Winter and Spring (End of the Year) parties. Those are really the only required responsibilities, but I've had wonderful room moms in the past who have come to do special crafts and activities with the kids, helped in the room doing things like stuffing my Friday Folders, and some really sweet ones have organized Teacher's Appreciation gifts and End of the Year gifts with the other students' parents. Hope you get a great room parent!

  6. How about an apron or shirt with the kids handprint? Use the kids hand print to create flowers and adding the words "Thank you for helping us grow!" It is usually used for teachers but if this is a very involved room parent it counts as someone that has seen and helped them grow. Or just adding the words "You deserve a high five for all your help".

  7. Very cute idea! Especially if you know the mom does lots of crafts or cooking with the kids. I've done a bouquet of flowers using fingerprints on a canvas tote bag for a room mom before. It said "Thanks a Bunch!" and the kids all signed their names too.

  8. Love how took the time to thank your Room Mom, so thoughtful! We're always helping room moms find ways to thank teachers, I stumbled on your blog post from a google search and loved seeing the room mom appreciation!


  9. Invaluable piece - Incidentally if you want a TX H1015 , my boss filled out a template version here https://pdf.ac/6dtDFC.


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