Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not that kind of plug . . .

I named this whole thing "Plug-n-Plan" because my eventual goal is to provide you with units that will include various materials you might need for a unit so that all you'll have to do is just plug the pieces into your lesson plans.

Well, the post you are about to read is not that kind of "plug".  (Now say it with your best Southern accent: "Oh, my!  Well, I'm just not THAT kind of plug!"  J/k!)

If we were studying dictionary skills right now, this might be definition number 2:

plug: 1. (v) to insert or drive a plug into, 2. (n) a shameful, unabashed promotion

I'm not sure who reads this blog (if anybody), but I have got to shamefully, unabashedly promote 2 of my dear friends.  These 2 ladies are some of the most creative, hard-working teachers I know.  We've taught together in 1st grade for years.  It has been such an immeasurable blessing to be part of a team with these women.  I strongly doubt (but would be pleased to be proven wrong) that there many teams out there like the team we have together.  We share everything, encourage and support one another, and even spark up some good ol' healthy competition! This past year one of them was moved to 3rd grade, but we're still a team nonetheless!

Both of these ladies have quickly spiraled into a full-blown Teacher Blog addiction.  It's seriously out of control.  They dove head-first into this online world and are sharing some great stuff!  (Trust me, we trade stuff all the time and the materials are quality!)  Here's a little bit about them.  Please check them out!

The 1st plug goes to Dana who now teaches 3rd.  Walk into her room and you'll want to ban anyone from ever seeing your room again.  She's super organized and clean.  When we worked in 1st together she would crank out those assessments for us to use.  Between the 2 of us, we filled up our school's shared drive with Reading Comprehension sheets to go along with the leveled readers in our bookroom for Guided Reading.  The files are still growing.  Please check out this dedicated teacher at http://3rdgradegridiron.blogspot.com/.  She pours her heart into everything she does . . . above and beyond.

The 2nd plug goes out to The Lesson Plan Diva.  This hard-working woman is known for her creativity.  If classrooms were closets, then she'd be like the sister I share clothes with.  We go into each others' rooms and grab resources and lessons from each other all the time.  Somehow she is able to raise standards in her classroom and then go home to work a second job making the most amazing up-scale stationary for celebrity clientele (no really . . . celebrities).  And now she has added blogging and cranks out really cute teaching resources on top of that?!?!  Once I get into the Summer days and I can stay home with my adorable, teething 9 month old, maybe I'll be able to crank out the units I wanted as well!  In the meanwhile please check out http://lessonplandiva.blogspot.com and snag some of her simple, to-the-point, and yet so cute and creative materials.  (Then hit up www.jshawdesigns.com to see her more sophisticated art work!)

Hope that wasn't an overload, but I can't just give you their links . . . I've got to brag about my friends.  If you knew them, you'd understand why.  Love you ladies!


  1. Aww! I (heart) you, Numero Uno! Thanks for the great comments and compliments. We were (still are in a distant kinda way) an awesome team! Here's to many more years of sharing and caring. :)

  2. OMG! I love you Mel! You are the sweetest and most hardworking person I know. You are so creative and I think I steal way more of your plans! lolololol Love you guys both!


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